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Apple chooses the way of foreclosure with iOS. Apps are only available from the official AppStore; third-party providers are not allowed to go deep into the system. There is therefore no real virus scanner. But what we recommend to you are two other apps for more security. A VPN service like ProtonVPN lets you surf securely even at hotspots. A password manager like LastPass is also a good idea.

With the free iPhone and iPad app “LastPass Password Manager” you can transform your iOS device into an electronic password manager including a wallet in which you always have access to all important data.

The Corona warning app even overtook WhatsApp, TikTok & Co. in terms of download numbers in 2020 and is the most downloaded free app of 2020. In the new year, too, we must fight the corona pandemic together, the Corona warning app belongs on all iPhones.

In addition to the official corona warning app, we also recommend a contact diary app. As a user, you can enter all encounters with other people there and, in the event of an infection, notify all affected persons relatively easily and quickly. Our recommendation here is the Cluster Diary app.

The official German Corona warning app, with which the spread of the coronavirus is to be prevented by breaking chains of infection.

In times of the corona pandemic, it is helpful to keep a contact diary and thus identify potential contact persons.

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